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For the love of collecting, curating and creating

About Us

Just beautiful things. Wherever they may be.

We’ve explored labyrinthine bazaars, crumbling havelis, quirky studios and curious corners of our mind to help you find that unique something — for the nook by the bay window, the turn of the stairway or the heart of your living room.


Made, not manufactured

The Purple Turtles story begins almost a decade ago, at a time when lighting up your space was a choice between mass-produced light fixtures or inaccessible imported design. What started as a boutique lighting studio in Bangalore showcasing the best of our own and independent Indian design in 2009, has grown into one of the most eclectic stores for home decor. We design with freedom and source with responsibility, all for the love of collecting, curating and creating!


Our products say something

It usually begins with what they are and where they come from. And, as objects weave their way into our spaces and memories, they become what we are and where we come from. The table lamp under the glow of which you re-visit old letters, the mug that makes your morning or the armchair you sink into after a long day. Objects shape our every day. They assure us that, yes, this life really did happen. We owe it to ourselves to make it beautiful.

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